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Ship / Crew Agency

When shipping companies across the globe place their trust in your hands they surely entrust you with their brands only after gauging your capability and performance. Representing them in the region successfully, empowers us with immense skill and experience. Like other services of ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING, the shipping agency department has been quality certified and registered as port agents in DURBAN.

ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING provides ship agency for all types of vessels. Experienced and efficient boarding officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to service a vessel's every need. An added benefit is the prompt availability of in-house technical and legal expertise, ready to supplement port agency staff in response to any pressing need.

Our Agency services include:

  • Bunkering, De-slopping, Cargo operations (loading and discharging)
  • Ship to ship transfer operations, Off-port limits services
  • Temporary lay-up services, Owners protective agency
  • Repair and technical agency, Ship underwater inspection and cleaning services
  • Crew changes, Cash to master, Supply of freshwater
  • Ships spares handling, storage and delivery
  • Fresh and dry provisions, Deck and engine stores
  • Cabin, saloon and pantry stores, Bounded stores, British Admiralty Charts, Navigation & Publication Books
  • Nautical Almanac, Chemicals, Life Rafts & Safety Equipments
  • Lubricants & Marine Oils, Potable Water
  • Attending to procedure for ship's entry into & departure from the port;
  • Attending to marine survey
  • Ship's repairs, fumigation, cleaning & washing of cargo holds and supply of bunkers, fresh water, provisions, store etc
  • Arranging for maritime salvage and attending to marine casualties
  • Arranging for passports, visa, medical treatment, replacement, repatriation and sightseeing for crew members
  • Purchasing and / or forwarding ship's spare parts, stores, maritime charts;
  • Signing Dispatch & Demurrage Agreements
  • Provide status of cargo which vessel need to load or discharge in ports of Durban. Such as cargo's stack, position, conditions etc
  • Destination port's basic conditions, including ability of load and discharge and equipment condition and other you want to realize
  • Weather forecast. We will inform you weather condition every day ahead of ETA.

Ship Agency

Ashipping agency orshipping agent is the designation for a person or agency responsible for handling shipments and cargo at ports and harbours worldwide on behalf of shipping companies. In some parts of the world, these agents are referred to asport agents orcargo brokers. There are several categories of shipping agents such as:port agents,liner agents andown agencies, each rendering specific services depending on the shipping company they represent.

Shipping agents will quickly and efficiently take care of all the regular routine tasks of a shipping company. They ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation and waste declarations are all arranged with the port authorities without delay. Quite often, they also provide the shipping company with updates and reports on activities at the destination port so that shipping companies have up-to-the minute information available to them at all times while goods are in transit.