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'ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING' is now one of the leading International transportation service operations in Durban, South Africa, enjoying a significant position in the international shipping market whilst retaining its special commitment to international trade and development. Providing a range of maritime services the main activities of the ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING can be briefly summarized as follows:

'ARUPATH marine services' was established in Durban, South Africa in the year 2010. Gradually the company expanded in to ship agency and trading giving birth to 'Arupath Shipping & Trading', a closed corporation. From the day company was established, it has dedicated itself in offering superior and innovative service to its customers. Today, ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING has developed into a strong company with a highly trusted local and international reputation. Built over a relatively short period of time, this reputation has been founded on the principles of honesty, trust and hard work. The Company's reputation has evolved to its present day status by the adoption of an efficient "round the clock" service commitment to its customers across the globe.

ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING has the knowledge and know-how to provide successful solutions to satisfy their shipping and trading customers' needs. ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING is a young and dynamic shipping enterprise which has its roots in solid historical maritime traditions. Since its first day of operation, ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING is conscientiously trying to improve its service capabilities at all times whilst reviewing its market position. The organisation maintains strong interest in developing new niches with suitable trading partners in order to provide additional services for the shipping market on mutually beneficial terms.

ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING experienced, motivated and highly capable staff recognizes the importance of communication as a means to provide customers with a service according to their expectations and requirements at all times. Proudly the ARUPATH SHIPPING & TRADING is now able to announce that in its continuing desire to provide a commitment to the policy of quality performance the organisation constantly trains its staff and undertakes all necessary steps to maintain professional levels and up to date high standards. Modern, like minded organisation across the globe form the base network for the Company's development.


  • Ships Agency
  • Ship Supplies
  • Ship Security
  • Commodity Trading
  • Ship Chartering
  • Super Cargo
  • Crewing
  • Training and development
  • Consultancy

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